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The Centro Residenziale is an independent structure of the Università della Calabria (established according to the former Access to Education Rights Law 390/91).
The Centre provides the following services:
Scholarships are a core aspect of the implementation of Access to Education Rights policies. Scholarships allow students to overcome financial issues preventing the completion of academic careers. The scholarships granted by the Centro Residenziale consist of a budget, board and lodging. In compliance with pertaining regulations, the Centro Residenziale’s scholarships are granted according to students’ financial conditions and academic results.
Meritorious students, who graduate by the official deadline of their degree, can receive extra funding, equal to half of the previously obtained scholarship.
Scholarships for international students
International exchange is favoured by specific scholarships for eligible students who apply for study-abroad programmes.
Special Scholarships
The Centro Residenziale grants special scholarships for specific financial issues.
Boarding represents the foremost component of Access to Education Rights policies.
Every year the University’s structures serves over 1.000.000 meals, providing vegetarian and special diet menus as well.
The Centro Residenziale features over 2,650 bed-spots for students.
Eligibility and access policies are explained in the yearly application form, available from June.
Residential structures are located partly within the Arcavacata Campus (Maisonnettes, Martensonn, Molicelle and San Gennaro quarters), and partly in the new residential area of Rende (Roges, Commenda, Quattromiglia quarters).
The University’s residential structures feature leisure facilities, common spaces, and multimedia services.
Guest Lodging
The Centro Residenziale features over 100 accommodations for University Staff, and 44 guest-rooms fitting 74 bed-spots.
Guest Office cares for both short and long-term hosting, providing hotel accommodation for short stays in the Residenza Socrates, an ideal accommodation for academic guests, located deep in the green of the campus.
Cultural and Social Activities
The Centro Residenziale provides:
>open spaces within the residential areas for educational, leisure and cultural activities;
>student discounts for cultural, leisure and sports activities, as well as theatre and music events;
>sponsorships for cultural programmes implemented by student unions and organizations;
>conferences and meetings on cultural issues;
>chamber and symphonic concerts, theatre events and film seasons with active student participation.
Cultural exchange with Italian and foreign universities.
  • Agreements and networks
  • Academic Experience
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Opportunities for international teaching and research staff
  • Meetings
  • Welcome Office